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Raahat for Animals

A safe haven for animals

Our Vision


Raahat is largely a self-sustaining facility in so far as its animal welfare programs are concerned. 
Given our unique position, it is our effort to not only further strengthen our programmes but also continue providing support and guidance, wherever required, to like-minded organizations, rescuers and caregivers, in Dehradun & elsewhere.
We believe that setting up many small shelters, instead of setting up a huge one, will address the street animal issues in a far more effective manner. We have supported small shelter initiatives in others parts of Uttarakhand in the past. 
Our vision is to lend all kind of support to such initiatives, in Dehradun and elsewhere.
We feel very strongly about finding sustainable solutions to our substantial water and energy requirement. The same has not been possible till now on account of financial constraints.        Our two future projects are Rainwater Harvesting & Solar Energy.     

What We Do

We, at Raahat, try to take a holistic approach to animal rights and animal welfare. What this means is that we do not just run a rescue service and a shelter, but we go beyond that. 
We go into the community to educate them about animal welfare and animal rights, how we can co-exist peacefully with them as well. We also work with the community to teach them the importance of adopting a vegan way of life, counselling them and even helping them transition. 


Hospital for Community Animals 

Raahat is the first, and the only, Animal Hospital in the State of Uttarakhand that provides admission facility to all kind of community animals.
Every month scores of animals, from Dehradun and outisde, victims of abuse, neglect and cruelty, find relief and refuge at Raahat.
We house all animals that are in need of veterinary care. We have a separate housing facility for Animal Birth Control (pre & post-operative), rescue patients, isolation, cattle, equine & pig & bird enclosures.
While our rescue hours are from 10 am - 6 pm, the admission is open from 8 am - 8 pm.
With housing space available for 150 plus animals, there is an ever-present need further infrastructure development so that we are able to reach out to a larger number of animals that may be in distress.
Raahat is also a life sanctuary for the very old and the special-need animals.


Clinic, Surgery, O.P.D. & Pathology and Pharmacy

We run a fully functional clinic, with a full-time veterinarian, para-vets, surgery, pharmacy and a Pathology Lab, for homeless as well as companion animals.
Our Out Patient Department is crucial to our community animal welfare work. The income generated from the out-patients helps sustain our welfare initiatives for the shelter animals as well as our outreach programme for feeders, rescuers and AWOs.
In our effort to encourage responsible animal ‘guardianship’ No cost treatment & surgical facility is provided to the animals of B.P.L. (below poverty line) families.


Life Sanctuary for Special Need Animals.

We follow a policy of rescue, treat & release with regard to our in-house patients.
However, Raahat is a life sanctuary for special need animals, the old and the ones who, if released, would run the risk of getting slaughtered for food.
We also provide lifetime care and protection to 'case property' animals.
Many animals who would otherwise not be able to survive on the streets, find a forever home with us here at our sanctuary


Rescuing Animals Since 2005Remembering Poonam Singh Sobti 

We have been running a rescue service for animals, in Dehradun, since 2005 and have successfully rescued and rehabilitated thousands of animals to date.
Raahat Animal Rescue was dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and volunteer, Poonam Singh Sobti in 2016. A wonderful human being and the organization’s Go-to person at all times, Poonam continues to provide comfort to animals through Raahat Animal Rescue.
The Raahat Rescue service is for small animals and the large animal rescue calls are forwarded to the agencies that have hydraulic vehicular support


Adoption Programme for Rescue Dogs & Cats Find your new BFF at Raahat, today!   

● If you are interested in adopting a mixed breed/ desi pup/kitten, contact us via a whatsapp message on + 91 7579471971 ● You will be required to answer basic queries with regard to your location and profile. ● Please do not request adoption puppy/kitten photos. We post photos and videos on our social media pages, as and when time permits.● We do only local adoptions as it helps us to keep track of the adopted dogs / cats better. ● If you are a student, parental consent is mandatory. ● A personal visit to the shelter, between 12 pm – 4 pm, with a day's prior intimation on whatsapp, is mandatory. ● After your credentials have been verified, you will have a brief orientation with the vet - in - charge, or any other person-in-charge in his absence, regarding the needs of the animal and the probable challenges involved.  ● After the orientation, you will be required to fill out the adoption form, and pay form fee of Rs 500 Students are eligible for 80% fee waiver while B.P.L. (Below Poverty Line) card holders can avail full fee waiver.● You will be required to submit a copy of address proof and get a photo taken with the adopted pup/kitten. ● You will be provided with a Health/Vaccination Card and the pup/kitten will be de-wormed.● You will begin the vaccination process 2 weeks (and not before that) from the date of the adoption.● The cost of all vaccinations, anti-rabies as well as disease prevention, will be borne by you. ● Birth Control Surgery is mandatory for all female dogs and cats that are adopted from Raahat.                                                                                                                                   ● Adult female dogs are available for adoption only after an ABC surgery has been performed. ● As the adopter, you are expected to be the caregiver if and when the pup / kitten fall sick. ● Leaving the adopted animal at the hospital if he/she gets sick is neither encouraged nor looked upon very favorably because an adopted animal's chances of recovery are always brighter in a home environment.● The admission request of B.P.L. families is always considered. ● However, any adopter, B.P.L. or otherwise, if they find themselves incapable of looking after the needs of the animal, can bring him/her back to Raahat. ● We consider the above as abandoning the animal and in the above scenario, we reserve the right to decide if the pup / kitten will back to the same family upon recovery.  ● The re-adoption request of the B.P.L. families is always considered.● To encourage the adopter to stand by their new family member, Raahat offers no-cost veterinary services, barring vaccinations and admission, to all adopters, B.P.L. or otherwise, till the pup/kitten is 6 months old, inclusive of no-cost birth control surgery. ● For B.P.L. families, the no-cost facility is for life. 
The non B.P.L. adopter can choose to pay and not avail the no-cost services. It will help us reach out to many more street animals and animals of the B.P.L families.


No-Cost ABC for Community Cats & Dogs 

We were the first organization to start the the ABC Programme for Community Dogs in Uttarakhand and have spayed and neutered 25000 plus dogs and cats till date.
Our ABC Programme follows a female-centric approach as it helps arrest the population faster and also addresses other related issues. The dogs are released in their respective areas after a postoperative care of 3 – 5 days.
The Raahat ABC Programme is entirely supported by private donations and its O.P.D. revenue.
While we do not get any govt. support, financial or technical, our ABC programme is certified by the concerned department on the basis of organ verification.
You can support our efforts by either making a monetary contribution which is tax exempted under Section 80G or in-kind by donating medical supplies / surgical material.


Reaching Out   

We help support organizational and individual efforts through monetary contribution as well as by donating food and medical supplies for community animals. 
Our Clinic & Surgery in Hardwar provides no-cost treatment to all community animals and ABC Camps are organized in other districts as well.  


Community Awareness & Vegan Advocacy

We believe that awareness is the first step towards change and it is our effort to educate, sensitise and then work towards ensuring compliance of the animal protection laws.
We also organize vegan food sampling, film screening and conduct workshops in educational institutions to spread awareness about veganism.


Cruelty Investigations   

We follow up on reports of cruelty to animals and help file cases at the relevant police station against the perpetratorsPlease click the button below to report any incidents of cruelty you may come across. You have the option of reporting anonymously as well. Click here to report a cruelty case.

Over the Years

From humble beginnings, we have grown over the years and are now able to render a wide range of services to the animals, help the community, and house so many animals we never even dreamt of.  
This has been largely due to the support and love given to us by our donors, supporters, volunteers, and the community from the day we began our work. 
Below are some photos of how we were a few years ago, and how we are now. 
Please pull the double sided arrow to view the before and after. 

Please consider supporting us in our work with the animals of Dehradun

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