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Volunteer with us

Make a difference in the lives of the animals that need all the help that they can get.



Volunteers are the mainstay of a non – profit organization. Raahat depends on its committed group of volunteers to sustain its various programmes.
You can participate in our activities from anywhere by donating your time & talent. You can help us out in: ● Designing promotional & awareness literature ● Fundraising Activities ● Writing on animal welfare issues ● Drafting fundraising proposals ● Promoting adoption of shelter dogs and cats. ● Promoting the cause through social media and other platforms
If you are Doon based, you can: ● Help in rescue & relief work ● Grooming of shelter animals ● Cleaning & general beautification of the shelter ● Awareness & adoption drives ● On-site vaccination & First Aid ● Dog catching for sterilization ● On-site verification of cruelty complaints ● ADOPT A STREET / SHELTER DOG / CAT
So, as you can see, the pleasures and the possibilities are unlimited :)


Raahat Animal Hospital & SanctuaryVOLUNTEER OVERVIEW / WHAT TO EXPECT

Animal volunteer work is challenging, yet extremely important and very rewarding. During your time with us, you must be ready to provide care to animals and follow the instructions and suggestions of the hospital management at all times. For this reason, we seek volunteers who are totally dedicated with high perseverance, endurance, patience, and good work ethic.
If this is your first time volunteering in an animal welfare organization, be aware that all your romantic notions might not be true. There is zero glamour attached to the work that needs to be done day in and day out at an animal hospital like Raahat.
Animal work is hard and dirty- yet very rewarding! You will not have the same resources in a low resource facility like Raahat as you would have in a well-funded organization. You should not expect the same hygienic conditions-even at the vet clinic- as you would in a human clinic. Acceptance of animal hospital culture is a must for you to enjoy your time with us.
Although volunteering is an unpaid position, it is extremely important and we require volunteers to be reliable. The animals count on our volunteers- If you don’t show up for your work period, the animals will not get fed, treated, etc.! Therefore, if you accept a certain period, you must be willing to commit to that time, and we must be able to rely on you completely during that time period. Unfortunately, if you leave prematurely, the animals are the ones who suffer, because management is unexpectedly left shorthanded. Overall, we rely immensely on our volunteers! So if you agree to volunteer with us, please plan your schedule so that you may stay your entire time-and more animals can benefit from your helping hands!
If you are unsure about your time availability, please commit to the minimum time and you can always extend your stay.


  • What is the minimum and maximum time commitment?

    We ask that volunteers stay a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks of 4-6 hours per day, 5 days a week. We ask this minimum because familiarizing volunteers to the animals and work takes time. Preference is given to applicants for extended periods. There is no maximum length of stay, we would love for you to stay as long as you’d like!
    However, for experienced volunteers or professionals, shorter times are possible. Please inquire when applying.
    NOTE: The minimum volunteering period is 2 weeks (Monday to Friday), with a 4-6 hours daily work schedule.

  • What about my expenses, do you provide accommodations or compensation?

    Unfortunately, our budget does not allow for accommodations or compensation. Volunteers will be responsible for covering travel, accommodation, meal, and all other expenses. However, we may be able to help you to find a simple room for rent, if required, at your own cost.

  • What qualifications do I need to volunteer?

    ● Must love animals!● All experience levels, professions, disciplines are welcome!● Without exception- reliability, commitment, endurance, patience, and strong work ethic. The animals must be able to rely on you!● A deep passion for animal care, a compassionate heart, and kind nature.● A basic understanding and/or experience with animals.● An adventurous spirit and good sense of humor.● We need people who are not discouraged by difficult situations and unpredictable problems. Animal Shelter work is challenging and unpredictable situations arise often. You must be willing to accept them, work through them, and have patience.● You must be independent and able to work on your own initiative.● You should be comfortable spending your time in a low resource facility.

  • What is expected of me?

    ● We seek highly motivated people who do not get discouraged at the first difficult situation. We want people who are seriously willing to use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the animals.● We expect you to tackle problems where needed! Directions may come from management, but we also would like you to work independently and take initiative to provide care and a helping hand when you see the need.● Be creative! If you see a problem, look for a solution and -make it happen!● Patience is required when dealing with stray dogs who are not accustomed to humans and socialization. Remember-street dogs are not the same as ‘companion’ dogs!● You must be able to adapt to local circumstances and the environment. You must be able to do your best under the circumstances presented to you, both personally and within the organization.● Please remember that you are confronted with serious, and sometimes potentially infectious, diseases. You should inform yourself on proper precautions before your time with us.
    If you meet the above requirements, then you are a perfect fit for our volunteer family! And we look forward to welcoming you as a partner in our efforts to make the world a better place for community animals.

  • What will I do as a volunteer?

    The tasks asked of you depend on your interests and qualifications. Please note that in a small organization like Raahat everyone needs to pitch in with many tasks, even if you are overqualified for some.The following activities may be performed by volunteers:
    ● Daily care for the animals, treating them with mindfulness, giving and receiving affection● Care for sick, injured animals, relieve their suffering.● Cleaning kennels, bedding, instruments, house, dishes, etc.● Bathing and grooming● Taking responsibility for animals in the healing and rehabilitation time● Create and manage documentation● For specialists: consulting, create medical guidelines etc.● Management of instruments, medicines, and dressings● Actions to educate the community, especially children● Assisting in the placement and adoption of dogs / cat● Shopping, cooking & feeding.● Maintenance and perform repairs of house, kennels, etc.● Inventory management● Designing, Writing, Website & Social Media work● * Other miscellaneous tasks
    For experienced workers or professionals, other tasks are possible. Please describe any special skills or experience when applying!

  • What will be my daily routine

    Every day is different. It may be completely chaotic and very stressful or simple and almost dull. You will never know what to expect. It may be that one day many critically ill animals arrive simultaneously. As a volunteer you will be required to improvise and make the best of the situation, be flexible, and able to withstand even if none of your solutions work.
    Patience, perseverance, good humor, and dedication are required to work in a shelter environment!

  • What will my hours be?

    Volunteers contribute a minimum of 4 – 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. Please understand that we require a strict adherence to the agreed work periods, even though you are not a paid employee, we will respect and treat you as one, and would appreciate the same responsible behavior of an employee. Please inform us if you are sick or for other reasons cannot take your shift.

  • What should my expectations be?

    You must be prepared for all situations. There are times when only minimal resources are available to deal with very serious injuries and illnesses. Please remember that many animals die from illness and injury despite all our efforts.
    Personal empathy and adaptability would be very helpful. A respectful attitude in any situation dealing with hospital employees and partners would be expected of you at all times.

  • Do you accept volunteer veterinarians?

    Please contact us on moc.liamg%40slaminaroftahaar

  • What do I get from this volunteering program?

    Although monetary compensation is not possible with this volunteer position, the benefits you gain will last a lifetime. For your time with us, you will get:
    ● The knowledge that your work has saved animals’ lives and created a happier, healthier, more loving environment for homeless street animals.● The satisfaction of accomplishing something extraordinary and being a part of something bigger than yourself.● The exhilaration of an adventure in a challenging environment.● The personal experience of pushing your comfort zones.● A large gain in experience and knowledge that can be applied to future work and career.● A new perspective on life, living, and dying.● Stories that will last a lifetime.● The awareness that you have personally made the world a better place.● Perhaps most importantly, animals who will never forget you and who will love you forever.● …and possibly a new canine / feline best friend who insists on following you home �

  • Is there an age-limit for volunteering?

    The minimum age to be a volunteer for Doon based candidates is 16 and for outstation candidates it is 18. There is no maximum age! For volunteer below 18, parental/guardian's written consent is mandatory.

  • What about smoking, alcohol, non-vegetarian food etc?

    Consumption of alcohol, smoking and non-vegetarian food is prohibited at Raahat.

  • Is there a fee for volunteering?

    No, but you are welcome to make a donation for the care of the animals.