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Raahatfor the love of all animals!

In Memory of Patricia Dunkley - A PFA Dehradun Initiative

About Raahat

Raahat (peace and comfort) was started with the objective of providing peace and comfort to all animals in distress. We work to improve the lives of animals in our community and beyond. All our programmes are driven by our belief in the intrinsic dignity and sanctity of animal life.
Raahat Animal Hospital & Sanctuary is spread on a campus of 1 acre, privately owned by the organization.
We are a recovery and post-operative facility and provide lifetime sanctuary to special need animals.
Raahat also conducts Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Programme for the community, as well as companion, dogs and cats
We support other social / animal welfare organizations with similar objectives.

Raahat in Pictures

Raahat -In memory of Patricia Dunkley


On the occasion of its 10th foundation year, Raahat was dedicated to the memory of Patricia Dunkley.
We can fill reams about Patricia but it would involve talking about the most tragic circumstances under which we lost her years ago. So, it suffices to say that if ever there was one who lived and, yes, died for animals, it was Patricia Dunkley. 
She was and continues to be ‘The Inspiration’ behind Raahat. 
And though we could not save her from what was, perhaps, destined, dedicating Raahat to her is an attempt on our part to keep her memory alive. 
Patricia's lonely struggle and sacrifice have not been in vain. Her soul lives on forever, here in this world too, in all the animals that she chose to protect with her life……in all the animals that she continues to comfort, day in and day out.

The Anchor

Dr. Uttam Singh (B.V.Sc. & AH)

Director & Member Trustee

The hero on the ground, Dr Uttam is the Director, responsible for the running of the hospital, the IPD and the OPD. His eye for detail ensures that nothing is missed, not just in the care of animals but in the operations of the centre as well. His dedication has led to the centre being largely self-sustaining.
The Board of Trustees; represented by Dr Uttam, comprises of dedicated individuals who are committed to a cruelty-free future for animals, in Dehradun and elsewhere. 



We do not receive any financial or technical support from any Govt. Agency, nor do we receive any institutional funding.
Raahat is largely a self-sustaining facility in so far as its community animal welfare programmes, including the ABC Programme & Rescue & Relief Operations, are concerned.
Private donations support our infrastructure development projects.
Our Out Patient Department covers the general operating cost of the 150+ animals in our full time care and also support our outreach progamme for feeders, rescuers & AWOs

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