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Get Involved- Adopt a dog or a cat

Get a friend for life


Reality check – Adoption from Shelters are few and far between
You can help change the sad reality because all of us are born with the capability to change, if not the world, then at least someone’s life.
You can do your bit for street/shelter dogs and cats by adopting one.
The procedure for adopting a dog from Raahat is fairly simple. After your credentials have been verified, you can fill out the adoption form, pay the form fee and take the dog/cat home the same day.
Sterilization of female dogs and cats, at six months, is mandatory and the same has been mentioned in the form as well. The below poverty line (BPL) families are provided with no-cost veterinary services. For others, the no-cost facility is available for the initial six months.
If you wish to adopt a dog or a cat from our shelter, please click the button below to read the guidelines before you submit the application.