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Happy Camper on World Milk Day

Happy Camper on World Milk Day

This young bull, from Rishikesh, was reported by Karma Animal Trust and was brought to us for emergency surgery. He was obviously abandoned as a calf by some dairy owner. Left to fend for himself on the roads of Rishikesh, he had taken to a life of scrounging through garbage for sustenance. Being chased, bullied, and consuming plastic from the garbage, all  became routine for him. All this wandering around town in search of food resulted in a vehicular accident after which he was brought to our shelter. 

Dr Uttam, aided by the vets from Pet Medics, was able to save his life, but had to amputate his hind limb. He now resides at the Raahat sanctuary as a guest for lifetime, free from all demands, living a life of dignity, and more importantly, indulging in natural behaviours. 

But, how did he end up on the road?

Bull calves are not seen as ‘useful’ in the dairy industry and farmers often abandon them them resulting in death, or sell the animals to the food, cosmetic, or leather industry. So, the best way to help bulls and calves like him is to ditch dairy and go vegan. We as a race do not need dairy to survive. 

It is simple if you remember - not your mother, not your milk!