Our Services @ Raahat

  • 24 x 7 admission facility for Community Animals 
    While our rescue hours are from 10am-6pm, the admission is open 24×7.
     Every month scores of animals, victims of abuse, neglect and cruelty, find relief and refuge at Raahat. With housing space available for 100 plus animals, there is an ever present need further infrastructure development so that we are able to reach out to larger number of animals that may be in distress.
    Raahat is also a life sanctuary for the slaughter / cruelty rescues and special need animals.
  • Clinic for the Community & Companion animals.
    We run a fully functional clinic, with a full time veterinarian, para-vets, surgery & dispensary, for community as well as companion animals. The income generated from the out-patients helps sustain our welfare programmes for community animals. In our effort to encourage responsible animal ‘guardianship’, No cost treatment & surgical facility is provided to the animals of B.P.L. (below poverty line) families. 
  • Life Sanctuary for Special Need & Slaughter / cruelty  rescues / Farm Animals 
    We follow a policy of rescue, treat & release with regard to our in-house patients. However, Raahat is a life sanctuary for special need / slaughter / cruelty rescues / farm animals,
  • Rescue Service 
    We run a rescue service for small animals. It attends all species of small animal emergencies, in and around Dehradun. We have successfully rescued and rehabilitated thousands of animals (small & large) since its inception in 2005.

          Animals We Rescue

  1. Sick / Injured small animals of all species.
  2. Homeless Females dogs for Sterilization
  3. Cases pertaining to cruelty
  • Hospital / Recovery Centre
    Raahat houses all animals that are need in veterinary care. We have a separate housing facility for Animal Birth Control (pre & post operative), rescue patients, isolation, cattle, equine & pig & bird enclosures.
  • Adoption Programme 
    A dog or puppy can be adopted from Raahat after filling out a form. In this regard, a personal visit is compulsory. With regard to adoption, we only entertain preferences relating to residential limitations. Birth Control Surgery is mandatory for all female dogs / cats that are adopted from the Shelter. Adult female dogs are available for adoption only after an ABC surgery has been performed. We prefer local adoptions as it helps us to keep track of the adopted dogs / cats better.
  • No – cost Sterilization Programme for community Dogs & cats.
    We implement the ABC Programme in an area-wise manner and follow a female- centric approach as it helps arrest the population faster and also addresses other issues. The dogs are released in their respective areas after a post operative period of 4 – 5 days.The Raahat ABC Programme is entirely supported by private donations. The approximate cost involved in sterilizing a female dog is Rs 1000. You can also support our efforts by either making a monetary contribution which is tax exempted under Section 80G or in kind by donating medicines / surgical material.

    While we do not get any govt. support, financial and technical, the programme is certified by the concerned department on the basis of organ verification.
    Given our never ending fascination for ‘foreign / pure breeds’ ABC is our most important Programme.

  • Vegan Community Centre & Animal Rights Library 


Animal Birth Control Camps

Vegan Education Programme