About Us               

Raahat (relief and comfort) was started precisely with the objective of providing relief and comfort to all animals in distress.  We work to improve the lives of animals in our community and beyond. All our programmes are driven by our belief in the intrinsic dignity and sanctity of animal life.

Raahat Animal Hospital & Sanctuary is spread on a campus of 1 acre. The land is privately owned by the organization.

The hospital houses sick animals  but it is also a life sanctuary for the slaughter / cruelty rescues and special need animals.

Besides the above, Raahat also has the country’s first and only vegan community centre and vegan & animal rights focused library.

Our work include rescue, relief and rehabilitation of homeless and abandoned animals. We have a Birth Control & Adoption  Programme for community dogs and cats.

We fight against animal cruelty, work for the implementation of Animal Protection Laws, advocate for humane treatment of animals and have a vegan education programme for schools and colleges in place.

We support other social / animal welfare organizations with similar objectives.

Raahat is the first and only Animal Hospital & Sanctuary in the state. We run a Rescue Service which attends to emergencies in and around Dehradoon.


The Management is Pro Bono.
The Team include the staff at the Sanctuary, Volunteers and Advisors.


We do not receive any financial or technical support from Govt. Agency or any institutional funding.

Raahat depends entirely on private donations, service fee charged on out – patients and its fundraising initiatives to sustain its various programmes.